Monday, October 13, 2008

You’re Lucky I’m Still Lucid

My visit with the Badland’s Quilt Guild at their retreat in Medora, ND was delightful! They made beautiful art work in my 3 classes. There was good conversation, great food, and a fun atmosphere.

After visiting the Eastern Long Island Quilters the week before and learning there is a buffalo herd on Long Island, I thought nothing could shock me. But the brave women of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana were able to top that. As part of their annual retreat, they had a hula hoop contest! (Don’t worry, by back will heal in time.)

Still flabbergasted, I have finally returned home (see house). One flight was delayed because of mechanical problems, the second for weather, and I arrived without my luggage. But I have gained new friends and great stories.

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