Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You Too Can Be a Fuser!
Join me next week at the Greater Chicago Quilt Festival in Schaumburg, IL. Visit me in the Artfabrik booth #215. Or take a fun fusing class with me, either Inside Stories or Tiny Homes and Gardens. Frieda will be there too with her lovely patterns and fabric.
I especially like this quilt show because beautiful quilts from all over the world are shown. The venue has great lighting, free parking, and is close to many great restaurants and Woodfield Mall too.
Hope to see you there!

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Barb said...

I've always wanted to take a class from you, but, alas, I live in the eastern part of Washington state where no one ever goes. (But I did buy two of your books.)

But I couldn't help singing to myself, after I read your post, "I'm a fuser, he's a fuser, she's a fuser, they're fusers. Wouldn't you like to be a fuser, too?" (Dr. Pepper had some good jingles.)

Your work is wonderful.