Monday, January 05, 2009

Celebrate the Studio!
One year ago today my new studio furniture and lighting were installed. This transformation was an act of desperation!
The filming of my first DVD for C&T (called Laura Wasilowski Teaches You Something or Another) was to take place in early February. And my old studio was a pit!
After much sorting, tossing, cleaning, storing, and painting of the space all was prepared for the new stuff. From Tracey's Tables I received 2 new sewing tables, 2 large quilt storage cabinets, and a raised table for fusing/creating.
Now I work in a bright, clean, welcoming studio perfect for making art and for filming DVD's.


Exuberant Color said...

But it's way too clean. Mess it up! I love reflective white surfaces in a studio... I hope you get to film many more DVD's in there.

Donna said...

Very cool! I think you just taught me something or another too--I need a raised table. D~~~~

Melody said...

Do you have a link to about 20 more pictures for me to gaze at? I think after piecing two quilts that I need to lower my sewing machine, being a girl with very short legs.
But the cost...eek.

Frieda said...

And it looks so nice and clean and fresh and always neat. You are so lucky. I love it!!

Andi said...

I have been cleaning out in my studio and it is so much more inviting to be in there now. Film lots, we love you! :)

Claire O'Connor said...

Dee-lish!! I am a new quilter (an avid one!) and I am putting together my studio. Can I ask, how high is your standing station? (And how tall are you?) After working at a way-too-low ironing board, I just had my contractor build me a custom pressing table -- and he made it 3 inches higher than I had requested. When I first stood next to it, I thought, this is too high. Now I am looking at the photo of your tall station and I am wondering if it was a happy mistake, as I am wanting to get into fused quilts. My table is 41-3/4" high, even with the bottom of my bent elbow. I am tall -- 5'9"+. Any input you have would be appreciated! Thanks Laura!! LOVE your work and thoroughly enjoy your blog!! --Claire