Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dots My Favorite
My favorite design motif is the dot. Large, medium, or small, you can't go wrong with a well placed dot on your quilt top. This quilt, Leaf Motif, has lots of dots. Thus making me very happy.
You too can have lots of dots. Check out the new Fuse-Fast Shapes on the Artfabrik website. The Fuse-Fast Shapes are my hand-dyed fabrics that are pre-fused and cut into shapes like petals, leaves, and a variety of dot sizes. They come with a free background fabric, design ideas for your quilt tops, and some extra free dots to make you happy too.
Do you see the other Fuse-Fast Shape I've used in Leaf Motif? The squares in the background are the negative of the Leaf Shape, the Leaf Cut-out Fuse-Fast Shapes.
You can see Leaf Motif in person at the Celebrate Spring! exhibit in April at the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont, IL.
And dots da truth.


Exuberant Color said...

What a neat idea to jump start a project. Cutting out the shapes has to be intimidating for some people so you have solved that problem.

Jane Moxey said...

You are so clever and smart. I LOVE this new Artfabrik concept! What???? No fusing AND no cutting? Today I've been tack fusing - or was that fuse tacking - and thought of you every step of the way! Olay!! (no funny Spanish accent to do the right thingie)

Melody said...

Dots Amore!

Lisa, Procrastinator Extraordinaire said...

I love the positive/negative aspect of the process and your color palette is fabulous! I can't wait to see the dots in person at the Chicago show.

judy coates perez said...

Oooh it is fabulous, I can hardly wait to see it's finished beauty.

Gerry said...

After visiting and then re-visiting this post several times, I finally get it.
The ENTIRE piece is fused. Wow ! !
This is something I'll have to think about and then act upon.
Thanks for all the inspiration your blogging provides.