Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Packing Up
The grand day of packing has arrived! All the items for the Artfabrik booth (#1425) at the International Quilt Festival / Chicago are boxed and practically out the door.

There are patterns and kits, hand-dyed fabric and thread in every size and color, fuse-fast shapes, books, DVD's, and a selection of my small art quilts ready for sale. And I'll bring exotic things you won't find on the Artfabrik web site like my hand-dyed gauze, silk, shirts, and even bags of hand-dyed thread ravelings.

Please come see Frieda and me. We love to chat and tell wild stories!


Beena said...

One of these days I'll eventually get to go to all these great shows...one of these days! But for now, I have to live vicariously through the experiences of other attendees. Make sure you post in your blog to all of us about the show when you get back!

Emily said...

I'll see you on Saturday!