Sunday, April 12, 2009

Silk Painters from Spain
Having a free hour to explore the vendor mall at the Asociacion Espanola de Patchwork show, I came across 2 sisters who are silk painters, the Desedamas. (This web site is available in English for us non-Spanish speaking readers.)

Here is the delightful silk panel I purchased. It is based upon the singer Martirio. I aspire to be just like her.

The Desedamas (silk women?), Cecilia and Merce, make beautiful work! The colors are vibrant and the designs are lively and fun. They hosted a special exhibit called Inspirados en la Musica where artists used one of the Dseda silk panels and created a quilt using it as inspiration.

The exhibit book is now in my collection. And soon I'll have a new set of sunglasses for singing just like Martirio.


Beena said...

What an amazing find! And it has the same whimsical feel and bright color we see in your quilts! I never would have guessed this was a painted panel. I thought I was looking at a quilt block of yours with applique. Gorgeous.

Carole said...

Oh Laura, how thrilled you must be!! Thank you for sharing this.
And you have the total experience, while we just 'see' the experience. Wow, I am sure it will inspire you and influence your work in years to come.

Anapatch said...

Hi, Laura. Here you have a link with the photos of the exhibition.
I'm one of the participants and I feel privileged for participate in the event and now an artist like you is speaking about it. Thanks.
Congratulations for your exhibit and your workshops!

dseda+ said...

Hi Laura. Thanks for speak about us in your blog. We are so proud for the artists that participate in the event. We hope see you in the festival of Houston in October because we are working to know what we need to participate. congratulations for your work, it inspire a lot of us!