Thursday, May 21, 2009

Danger! Low Inventory!
It looks like it's time to dye again. My inventory of hand dyed fabrics for the Artfabrik site is running on empty. Everything from the Avacado Squash colorway to Italian Prune is in need of replenishment. And I ask you, where was Martha Stewart when I needed help naming these colorways?

It will be a battle between my need to dye fabric and my desire to be out in the garden this coming week. If only I had a little elf to dye the fabric!
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kathy york said...

Maybe your little elf is out in the garden....anyway, that's where I'd look for him. :)

Beena said...

I just checked out your store for the first time, in the fabric section! Mouth watering hues! I may definitely go back to shop at some point!

Frieda said...

It is called slave labor.
Happy planting