Friday, May 29, 2009

Stitching in the South of France
Imagine my delight when I received this picture from Veronique, who lives in the South of France. She and a group of textile artists meet and share ideas on a regular basis.
This pillow, created by Veronique, was inspired by my article in the February/March 2009 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine call Power to the Hand Stitcher.
Here is my version of the heart quilt, Joyful Heart #21, from the article. I like Veronique's version much better. Her stitching is exquisite! Proving once again that hand embroidery transforms a quilt from flat to vibrant and beautiful.


Beena said...

They are both really beautiful! I have to admire you both for all the hand stitching you've done.

verobirdie said...

Thank you Laura for this article which gave us a lot of pleasure!

Carmen Rose said...

Wow to both! Lovely!!

Cindy said...

Thanks for reminding me about that wonderful article--great inspiration!