Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cover Girl
I was delighted to find out that my quilt, Sprouts, is on the cover of the Danish Quilters' Association's magazine called Kludamagasinet. I'm not sure how the quilt arrived there, but I did meet a some lovely Danish quilters when I was teaching in Spain.
Soon the mystery will be solved, I hope, when I receive a copy of the magazine. The next feat will be finding a Danish speaker in my neighborhood to translate for me!


solomi558 said...

I like your style, congrat,s on your quilt being published . I,m a p/quilter, whenever I do an art quilt I get "yes ,it,s nice but not my style"--cottonreel

sophie said...

Tillykke Covergirl! (Congratulations, Covergirl, I think)

If you don't find a Dane in your actual neighborhood, I'm sure a Danish quilting fan of your work and your blog will help you with the translations.

Beena said...


Donna said...

Congratulations on being a Cover Girl! It's well deserved!

Claire O'Connor said...

What fun!! The seeds of your creativity sprouting all over the durn place! Yay for you! AND yay for us as a result, too!