Monday, June 29, 2009

Patterns At Last!
It has taken me months but I finally have a new set of patterns complete and ready for sale. The Kay's Bouquets series consists of 4 small art quilts fused and stitched. You've already met Pretty Pansies and Blue Cosmos. Now meet Trio of Tulips and Plaid Sunflowers. (These are actual flowers I have in my garden. Sort of Scottish sunflowers.)

The pattern directions include the wrapped binding that gives the quilt that wavy edge. If you'd like to try one, please visit my pattern page.

Now I must find something else to do.


Beena said...

Congrats on completing the patterns...I know how much work goes into them.

This is a great series you've done. And I love them in your own hand dyes. I was trying to guess if that was your "salt water taffy"colored hand dye in the background of Trio of Tulips. Such bright, "happy" colors and gorgeous whimsical shapes right down to the wavy edges!

Anne Lullie said...

Nice new patterns Laura! Iam learning to be a blog follower; maybe I will blog regular now!Anne