Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Colorado Tunnels
At Altitude
Grand Junction, Colorado is one of my favorite places. Not only for the beautiful landscape, but because I have fun relatives here that feed me well.

Tomorrow I give 2 lectures, one in the morning for the Sunset Slope Quilters and in the evening, the Colorado West Quilters. I only hope I can survive all that singing. Being a low lander, not only is singing at altitude a challenge but thinking at altitude is a challenge. Wish me luck!
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Anonymous said...

Love it. But then, I love all your work.

Beena said...

I know you won't need any luck, and will do just wonderfully fine...no matter what altitude!!! Just enjoy yourself.

I can tell you like it there in CO. just by the brightness of colors you chose in this piece. They are show stopping gorgeous! Nice stitches, too, as always.

I just ordered some "salt water taffy" fabric from your shop yesterday! I can't wait to play with the happy colored fabric! I have ideas about it whirling through my mind about what I'll make already...

Eva said...

What about moving lips mute instead of singing? A solo would be the only problem.