Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Colorado Sunset
Best Writer in the West
One of the best writers covering the art of quilt making is Sherida Warner. Sherida writes for the Daily Sentinel and produces a weekly column called The Art of Quilting for this Grand Junction, Colorado newspaper.
Not only is she a delightful writer, but she is also a talented quilt maker. I know because she took my classes while I was teaching in Grand Junction. You can read her article about my visit on this page of the Daily Sentinel.
Please excuse the goofy picture of me demonstrating my Inside Stories class. I must have been saying something quit profound.


Beena said...

You look like you were having a great time!!! If I ever get the chance, I know I'd love to attend one of your classes!

Claire O'Connor said...

Delightful artcile, Laura! Can't wait for Payson!

Jean said...

I love that you use so much color! A bunch of the women in my family are quilters, and we sort of fall into two camps - the big color group and the limited color choices group. Not that I don't love the ones that the limited choices group makes (they're beautiful!), it's just funny how we sometimes follow our personalities into color choices!