Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Thread 42" x 42"

As Frieda and I drive across the plains of Illinois to the AQS show in lovely Des Moines, I shall be working on the latest lyrics for Stitcher-tunities, Songs of the Stitcher. I shall be fleshing out that famous song, "Where Have All the Stitchers Gone?" and embarking on anew  little ditty tentatively called: "99 Needles". Here's a preview:
99 needles stuck in a quilt, 99 needles to stitch!
You take one down, you stitch it around,
You've got 98 needles to stitch in a quilt!

That should make Frieda happy.


Maggie Szafranski said...

Yikes! I like the "Where have all the stitchers gone", but the 99 needles! OY!

katquilter said...

You are truly a HOOT!

Do your friends know how lucky they are to have such a HOOT among them?

Melody Johnson said...

Ah, the days in the van...