Thursday, October 15, 2009

Quilt Premier
An indicator of where I am in my current artistic ventures, is this silk quilt called Coleen's Calling Birds #20.  For me, birds represent freedom, movement, travel, and dance. And free as a bird, I love improvising with fused fabric scraps. The hand stitching adds all those accent marks you can't make with fabric.

You can see the premier of this little bird quilt at the International Quilt Festival. It's on display with my other small art quilts that are for sale in booth #438. Hope to see you there!


Jane Moxey said...

Oooh, I love this bird quilt! And the stitching is so wonderful too. Hope you and Frieda have an excellent time in Houston!

Eva said...

This is so cute! Yes, this is what birds mean to me, too. A lot.

Diane J. Evans said...

Your hand stitching adds so much to the bird -- great ideas here, Laura!