Thursday, November 12, 2009

Object Lesson
Today I am teaching a class called Object Lesson. Students learn to make several collages with fused fabrics like those above in Betty's Bloomers #5.  Woven and bias fused collages are some of the basic collages we cover plus other exotic collages like lace, fractured, and patterned.

The collages are cut into the shapes of our "object" and then we free-cut all those details that make the composition work. By the end of the day the happy students have a quilt top of their own composition full of texture and pattern. And I have seen lots of beautiful work made right before my eyes!


Carol said...

HI! I enjoyed seeing you at the Sewing Expo in Minneapolis last week. Your presentation and slide show was fun, and I'm quilting on the Wizard of Oz quilt with the thread that I bought. I bought a calendar at the Expo and was pleasantly surprised to see one of your quilts in it in April. Another reason to look forward to spring! (If I had looked at the back of the calendar for all the quilt photos, I would have recognized that quilt as being yours!) Have fun in Arizona!

Diane J. Evans said...

"Betty's Bloomers" always makes me smile -- both the piece and the title. What fun!