Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Versatile and Complementary Thread
One of the more versatile threads I hand-dye is, 6 Stranded Cotton. This embroidery floss can be separated to stitch with 1 to 6 strands. Or you can combine colorways for that Monet look we're all after. In my quilt, Escapelands #3, I've used the Aquamarine colorway around the border. Can you see the difference in character of the stitch mark if using 2 or 6 strands?
This month I'm giving away a free skein of 6 stranded cotton thread (my choice of color) with any order from the Artfabrik web site. It's my way of saying, "Thread will always be there to cheer you when your turkey leftovers are just memories."


Jane Moxey said...

Smashing dahlink!

Diane J. Evans said...

Love "Escapelands #3," Laura! Is that a batik used for the tops of the trees? It's great fabric -- I'd love to get some! Your works are such fun!