Thursday, December 03, 2009

Dyeing Lifting
Every wonder how I got those fashionable weight-lifter biceps? It's from hefting buckets of water. My hand-dyed thread has to be washed out by my little hands to keep it from tangling. So I fill bucket after bucket with the water that is flushed from the washer when I do my laundry. Then I wash and wash and wash the thread. With any luck I'll spill lots of water on the floor, cause I like that squeaky sound my shoes make.
The first wave of  give-away socks are dyed and in the mail to those celebrating the Festival of Socks this December. Now I intend to dye all the thread I need for Spring. You could say I'm dyeing before my time.


Carmen Rose said...

LOL! Looks like fun, I'm itchin to get back into fabrics, it's that time of year but I need to finish the work in my glass studio first. Happy dying!

Lisa said...

Wait - did you say you recycle the water that comes out of your washing machine? How clever! How much water do I waste from my washing machine with every load I do? I'm curious to know how many times you have to switch up the buckets during a load.

Frieda said...

Yummy, is that soup, oh no thread, well just as yummy.

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Lisa,
Yes, I use the washing machine water and empty it into my thread buckets. Some intense colorways take 20 buckets of water. That's why I have arms of steel!