Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keiko's Fabric is Here!
I am one lucky girl! Look what arrived in the mail from Glorious Color. Behold the complete collection of Keiko Goke's new fabric line. From stripes to little posies, each design is a delight! The fabrics are better in person than on the web, especially the dot in the square pattern. They look like they've been hand drawn and colored by colored pencil or crayons. Neat!
Thank you Liza Lucy for making them available to us. Now, what to make with my new treasure?


Jackie said...

Yes, Yes, I saw them on Glorious Color too. I loved that dot and square pattern too. Hmmm.... now the question is do I indulge myself too.

Diane J. Evans said...

Gorgeous, Laura! They're on my wish list.

I've been pondering whether to buy Keiko's book -- is it written entirely in Japanese? If so, can you get enough information from the pictures?



Paulette in VA said...

Yes, the book is entirely in Japanese----but the pix' will give you enough ideas on her techniques. IT"S WONDERFUL! Have had it for 4 days-can't put it down for very long, have to keep looking at it! Paulette