Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Like many things, the International Quilt Festival is just a fuzzy memory to me right now. But recently I came across this video of the Hands All Around exhibit at IQF. One of my favorite quilts included in this exhibit is Seedpods (see detail above made from a combination of hand dyed cotton and silk).  It's funny how some pieces of artwork become beloved to me and others are abandoned without a second look. I'm such a heartless soul!
The design is the result of a doodle I did years ago in one of my many sketchbooks.


Lisa said...

I love seeing closeups of your work.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing it and immediately recognizing it as your work. It's beautiful. My goal is to develop a recognizable style.

PaMdora said...

It's beautiful, and I love the sketch too.