Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quilt Italia
While attending the Spanish Patchwork symposium this past Spring, I met 2 friendly Italian quilt makers, Gabriella and Giovanna. I enjoyed strolling through beautiful Sitges, having dinner with them, and  viewing their special exhibit of exceptional quilts by Italian artists.
Gabriella is the Italian representative to the European Quilt Association and also a contributor to Quilt Italia a glossy  quarterly magazine with lots of colorful photos and articles about European exhibits. Included in the Autumn issue is an article on my exhibit in Sitges. I don't read Italian so so far the only words I recognize are "Fusible Web". There is no mention of spagetti, the only Italian word I do know and appreciate.


Patty Ashworth said...

Love your work. I took a class here in Knoxville area. My dragon still needs alittle more stitching. Love to see lots of pictures on the blogs. Inspiring! When you work at home, the blogs are a wonderful way to stay in touch with active quilters!

Claire O'Connor said...

Congrats Laura -- envisioning a time in the future when you are profiled in a French quilting publication!