Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thread Dyeing Marathon
These baskets of thread are merely the tip of a thread-dyeing-marathon iceberg. During December I dyed every colorway and every size of thread available on the Artfabrik website. It was messy. It was back breaking. It was a miracle I got it done!
Note that one of my favorite colorways, Sunflowers, is on top of the  top basket. I use a lot of this colorway in my hand stitching (see Coleen's Calling Birds #14). Twisting the thread skeins and adding a label is the next step... best done in front of a long TV movie with a cup of tea.


Deb said...

Is all of the thread for hand sewing or do you use any of it in your machine and if so how do you do that, do you wind it onto a spool?

Lisa said...

Do you dye the threads in hanks or as loose threads? Just trying to visualize how that works. That is a lot of work!

Maggie Szafranski said...

And we so appreciate your efforts to provide us with quality thread! Have a Happy New Year!

Laura Wasilowski said...

Hi Deb and Lisa,
The threads are for hand and machine work. You can put a Size 12 on an empty spool and use it like that or wind a Size 12 or 8 or 5 onto a bobbin from the spool for bobbin work.
They are dyed in as a skein and hand washed so they don't tangle.
Thanks for asking!