Monday, January 18, 2010

Duck and Harmonica
Meet Duck and Harmonica, my musical washer and dryer. If you put too much fabric in Duck, he quacks and quacks when agitated. Sometimes the sound drives me out of the dye studio! Mild mannered Harmonica plays a soothing harmonic tone when she dries my fabric. She hums a note, waits a decent interval, then repeats the same pleasant note. Later this week I'll reveal what other talent Harmonica has. Can you guess?

Well, looks like someone is spending too much time in the dye studio.


Jackie said...

Hmmm... Love the fact that you have a name for your washer and dryer. That is something I don't have... the names that is.

Anonymous said...

Funny. (Note I didn't write "LOL.")

SewCalGal said...

Cute post!


Carmen Rose said...

I'll bet Harmonica has a knack for tangling your threads, yarns and fringes? My nameless one has a real gift for that!

Gladys Love said...

Hi Laura! I love the way you talk about your musical instruments! I understand completely.....possibly I have the brother and sister to them! One of mine does a dance, and manages to open the bifold doors and sidles right out into the kitchen if I don't listen up!
Gladys Love,