Sunday, January 03, 2010

Platter of Thread, My Dear?
A few people had questions about the miracle of thread dyeing. The threads I dye for Artfabrik are used in hand and machine work. You can put a Size 12 on an empty spool and stitch with a 14/90 embroidery needle on your machine. Or wind a Size 12, size 8 or even size 5 onto a bobbin from the spool and use it for bobbin work. I dye a size 3 (couching) and 6 stranded (embroidery) too. There's a short movie on how to use the threads on the Thread Page.

Here's how I dye the thread. I buy white pearl cotton thread, wind it into skeins, and paint the dye (Procion MX) on the pre-soaked (soda ash water) skeins as they lay on a platter. The thread dries out, then I bundle it up, and, this is the hard part,  hand wash it so it doesn't tangle. Voila, you have beautiful hand-dyed cotton thread in a vast variety of colors. It's a miracle!


sophie said...

Your dyed threads are amazing. I've used them in several (non-quilt) projects. I dye fabrics and tell myself that I could dye thread (and yarn), too . . . but it's so much easier to just buy it from talented people like you ;-)

Lisa said...

Thank you for explaining how you dye your threads. I love knowing how things are done.

susan m hinckley said...

Laura, I finally cleaned up my stuff from OOAK Chicago. And I found your card in the bottom of my basket. Oh, happy happy day! You have saved my life on this bleak January afternoon!

I just closed my eyes to let the colors shine on me for a minute. Much better than a tanning booth. Your work is so happy and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Can I visit every day?

Anonymous said...

LOL! SO funny how just a few words can cover SO MUCH TIME! " this is the hard part, hand wash it so it doesn't tangle" The devil is in the details! And after the miles of thread that you've dyed - you've got those details down!