Sunday, February 14, 2010

Creative Rampage
Something came over me this past week inspiring a new series: Little Bird on the Prairie. My first step is to create the little bird from my massive amounts of pre-fused fabric scraps. During construction, I keep in mind that the little bird lives in a 12" x 12" square.

After making the bird, I choose a background setting that contrasts with the little bird's plumage and alludes to the bird's story. By story I mean, is the little bird flying to visit a friend, nesting in the swamp, or dancing the fandango? Here we have the quilt top steam set to batting and awaiting some hand stitching. Stay tuned for the little bird on the prairie's transformation with stitching.


Jackie said...

Love this little bird!

Darlene said...

Cute! I'm eager to see what you do with this.

Kathy said...

I really like the little purple circles on the bottom....remind me of bubbles

Karen S said...

Dancing. Definitely dancing.

Donna said...

He is absolutely dancing! In fact, when I look at the little fella, I hear the lyrics from ABC by The Jackson 5 which was #1 in 1970. Specifically the part that goes:

"A B C
It's easy as 1 2 3
As simple as, do re mi
A B C, 1 2 3
Baby, you and me girl!"

If you know the song, sing it or play it, and look at your bird, you might agree. Or maybe not.
Okay, I know, I'm odd but for some reason, songs often jump into my head like that and when you mentioned him dancing, well... my brain just took off! He does look like he's trying to impress a gal by dancing for her (assuming it's a he)!

Anyway, I love the bird and the red fence is perfect. I can't wait to see more!

Diane J. Evans said...

He's definitely heading east -- could he be flying to Schenectady??


katquilter said...

When I saw this post I thought, "I wish I had that beginning so I could stitch along with her" Then I remembered I HAVE a beginning... from a class I took with you in Paducah, more years ago than I am able to admit, as I have not yet done one more thing to that project! And yet here we are.