Friday, February 19, 2010

Friends and Fabric
When you have a moment, check out Vivika DeNegre's blog. She is working on a beautiful commission piece using a variety of green fabrics some of which I have dyed. As a fellow farmer's daughter, I love that her art is based upon the lush season of high summer on the farm. And her farm stories are wonderful to read too!
Every once in a while, I send Vivika a box of fabrics in colors she specifies that are not available on the Artfabrik site. She picks out what she wants, and returns the rest. These fabrics are those yards of random acts of dyeing I make at the end of the day to finish up the dyes. Thank you Vivika, for sharing your artwork with us!

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mtabar said...

Hi Laura, You asked about the nested templates on quiltart list-it is
I am bad about listing on quiltart list-I guess I should try more often. I love your work-also I buy the 1/8" templates, because I use them to draw with and discharge fabric:) You can buy 1/4" thickness, they cost more. take care