Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Questions, You Have Questions
A few people have asked me questions recently about items on this blog. So in the spirit of full disclosure here are some salient answers.
"Laura, what is the largest size of quilt you can stitch by machine with Timtex inside like Betty's Bloomers #2 above?" Why thank you for asking! The distance of my machine bed from the needle to the arm of my machine is about 8". So if I want to stitch in the center of a quilt with Timtex, the quilt can only measure 16" across max. Otherwise the quilt curls and like so many things in my life, I lose control.

"Laura, where did you get that really big piece of white Teflon that covers your fusing table?"  Why thank you for asking! This sheet of Teflon was custom cut for me by Bear Thread Designs. I was able to pick it up in Houston last year from my friend Victoria. The table looks really neat right now but soon I'll have something stuck to it.

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Julie Bagamary said...

Nice flower piece. Considering the snow and ice we have now, at first sight I saw the flowers as palm trees and the blue as the ocean...one can dream.