Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Straight Stitch

Thread-u-cation Thursdays - Straight Stitch
Hand embroiderers who work on art quilts are constantly inventing stitchery to accommodate the images they are embellishing. Need window panes? Tree bark? Grass? The Straight Stitch covers a lot of these bases and acts as a stroke mark to help define the shapes. Here you can see the stitch as branches on the tree, window panes, and roof tiles.

Directions for making a Straight Stitch are simple: with the thread on top of the quilt, point the needle in the right direction and stick it down drawing the thread along with it. Straight Stitches can be in any direction and evenly spaced (or not). Just don't make them too long or the thread may bag and snag.
Nothing worse than bagging and snagging.


Jane Moxey said...

"Thread-ucation" -- great word!!! Like" Edu-Tainment" which is what I think your DVD turned out to be!

Quilthaze said...

Hmmm I do have problems with bagging and sagging - but my stitching is fine I think!

Carol said...

I've been been using straight stitches for accents on quilts for the past few years. They look especially nice with your pearl cotton!


O'Quilts said...

u r the best ever...thx 4 the great worksop today...a perfect day till i fell..broke my arm..jeeze louize..i cannot sew now...need a song big time. diane

Diane J. Evans said...

I agree with you on the bagging and snagging -- but I was thinking of pantyhose . . .

Great ways to use this stitch!