Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Bird on the Prairie
The quilt tops for the Little Bird on the Prairie series came fast and furious. But the hand stitching is a drawn out affair. Creating the quilt is an odd mix of quickly constructing the designs and then slowly and thoughtfully adding embroidery stitches. Do I use orange or yellow thread for the tail? Shall I put feather stitches on the...feathers? So many decisions to make!
Here we have a nesting bird reproaching me for not adding any stitches. She shall have to remain patient.


Jackie said...

She is adorable! I don't think she has much to say about how long she waits, but I am sure she knows that once given the beauty treatment she will be ready for any runway!

Diane J. Evans said...

Thank you for sharing the fact that color decisions don't always come as easily as we'd like them to. In the end, however, your finished products are always flawless -- and astounding.


Frieda said...

I love your bird quilts. You should make up a bird song.