Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Lazy Daisy Stitch

Thread-u-cation Thursday - Lazy Daisy
The Lazy Daisy Stitch is the sweetest member of the looped embroidery stitch family. Arrange this gentle stitch around a French Knot and viola! you have a flower. Or scatter the petals randomly across the fabric surface and build a texture of curvy lines and soft edges.

Here's how I make my Lazy Daisy Stitches: With the thread exiting the fabric at A, insert the needle right next to A at point B. Take a short stitch (about 1/4") and exit the fabric at C. Trap the thread under the needle and draw the needle and thread through the fabric creating a loop.

 Insert the needle at point D on the other side of the thread loop from point C. Draw the needle and thread to the back of the fabric creating a loop or petal of the daisy.

If you place Lazy Daisy Stitches on a tree top, they look like leaves and add great texture to the fabric surface. The Lazy Daisy Stitch is a pleasant, old fashioned stitch giving comfort and warmth like grandma's cookies....without the calories.


Lisa said...

I love how you show non-typical ways of using your stitches. Nice!

Diane J. Evans said...

It never occurred to me to use this stitch as leaves in a tree -- I love the way your mind works, Laura!


margaret said...

Back in the day when kids (girls!) learned to sew at their mother's knee, this was one of the first stitches they learned ....