Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Sheaf Stitch

Thread-u-cation Thursday - Sheaf Stitch
These little bundles of yellow thread, created by the Sheaf Stitch, remind me of a cinched waistline or the childhood game of pick of sticks. But for a little landscape quilt, they are perfect for sheaves of wheat gathered in the fields ready for harvest.

Here's how I make my Sheaf Stitches: Make 3 vertical stitches measuring about 1/4" long and spaced about 1/16" apart. Bring the needle up to the surface of the fabric at Point A (which is the center of the middle stitch). Slip the needle and thread under the left vertical stitch. Insert the needle tip under the right vertical stitch and jab it back down at Point A. Pull the thread gently to form a cinched group of threads.

If you line them up, the Sheaf Stitches act as an orderly band of decorative motif racing across the fabric surface. These concentrated deposits of thread are bundles of joy!


Jackie said...

Thank you for showing that stitch. That is a new one to me and I am sure it can be quite versatile.

Deb said...

I love your Threaducation Thursdays! One request, could you please arrange all of them on a page so we can refer back to thm from time to time when we're working on a project! You can ask Melody Johnson if you're not sure about making pages, I personally have no idea how to do it, but she's done it on her blog! Anyway bottom line, I love the stitches and will definitely use them in my work! Thanks for sharing!

Gail Moss said...

Just learn about your "Thread-u-cation at the class I took from you Yesterday in Newberry, South Carolina.... WOW! What a wonderful class and opportunity for me... I love your site and plan on going to it often.. I now need to know how to dress up my art quilts with thread... Gail