Monday, April 12, 2010

 Illinois Landscape by Frieda Anderson
My Friend Frieda
You have to check out this video of Frieda Anderson's new book, Color to Dye For. It is filmed in her studio and shows all the wonderful dye and art quilt projects she covers in her new book. When you enter Frieda's studio, you are immediate struck by all the color. There are colorful quilts on the wall, stacks of dyed fabrics, and beautiful quilts in process.You can see her fabric, patterns, and book at the IQF show in Chicago this week. Look for #1123, The Chicago School of Fusing Patternworks.
Curious George by Laura Wasilowski
When I visit Frieda's studio, there to greet me is my favorite dog, George. (He even appears in one of Frieda's quilts in the book.) Here's my version of her funny dog: Curious George.


MARIKA said...

Wonderful colour world I like it very much .
Myself I paint the fabric what I use .I like playing with the colours very much ,I love to paint fabric .
To get many good councils and an inspiration from you video that I look at it very much ,it had thanks for yo

Frieda said...

George loves you just like family. He would readily go home with you and beat up that other BAD dog next door.

Diane J. Evans said...

Frieda is as colorful and whimsical as you are, Laura -- you make a wonderful team!


Anonymous said...

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