Friday, April 16, 2010

Tucson Quilters Guild is Terrific!
The brave women of the Tucson Quilters Guild are delightful! For the past few days, I've been teaching and giving lectures to this group of over 700 members. Why do I call them "brave"? Because they live in a desert full of pokie things hiding rattle snakes, bobcats, and a creepy creature called a javelina. You have to admire someone who can stare down a herd of thundering javelinas and still live to quilt in the morning.

Above, you see the fair Alice stitching away on her quilt made in the Stitch after Fusing Class. And below are members of the class admiring their beautiful quilts. Thank you brave women of Tucson!


Kathy said...

what is a javelin????

Maggie Szafranski said...

We were out in Tucson last fall! Lovely quilt shops! And never saw a javelina!

Judy Anne said...

Laura, I was soo inspired to make quilting fun again. I just posted this on Facebook for all to see. :D

Announcing!!! Drum roll please... After Laura Wasilowski spoke at the Tucson Guild I have decided to join the "Chicago School of Fusing"! I haven't finished an applique project since my last granddaughter was born 7 years ago. Today I am going to take out the pathetically few applique stitches I've done on a southwestern pots wall hanging and just FUSE IT!

PS I have a wonderful picture of javelinas with two babies in my yard. How can I mail it to you?