Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Herringbone Stitch

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Herringbone Stitch
There is something fishy about the Herringbone Stitch. Rather than a deep sea resident, it reminds me of an accordion or slinky, something you can stretch out or compress according to your needs. I like this stitch for adding class to my flower stems like those above. (Wait! They look like they're wearing fishnet stockings!)

Here's how I make my Herringbone Stitches: Bring the needle and thread up at point A and return the needle at point B which is about 1/2" down and 1/2" to the right of point A. Take a short stitch left from point B to point C and draw the needle and thread through the fabric.

Next insert the needle about 1/2" to the right and 1/2" up from point C at point D (point D is on the same line as A). Take a short stitch left from point D to point E and draw the needle and thread through the fabric.

Point E now becomes point A. Repeat from the beginning.

The Herringbone Stitch can be varied by changing the length of the stitch or by extending or closing the distance between stitches. Above you see the Herringbone Stitch forming trees on a hill side. It's a great stitch to create texture, line, and movement across your small art quilts. Or if you need fishnet stockings for something.


Lisa said...

lol - now I can't get the fishnet stocking idea out of my head. I love the way the stitch makes those great trees.

Darlee Byron said...

You continue to make ordinary embroidery stitches look fantastic. I love the stitching on the flower as well as the stems.

Diane J. Evans said...

I could use a pair of fishnet stockings for my wardrobe -- who knew it could be as easy as this??


Karen said...

I'm sure you have covered this somewhere in your blog, but would you please give me a short explanation about what the different size threads (thicker versus thinner) are used for. What is the most common size you use for your embroidery? I had the pleasure of speaking with you while in Paducah and now I think I have a thread addiction besides a fabric addiction!!!