Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Ermine Stitch

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Ermine Stitch
Ermine Stitches look like tiny stars dancing across the sky to me. If placed correctly, they could form constellations like my favorite (and only one I can find in the night sky) the Big Dipper. Ermine Stitches are made with 2 really simple stitches: the Straight Stitch and the Cross Stitch.

Here's I make my Ermine Stitches: Make a Straight Stitch from A to B and bring the needle up at point C which is a little down and to the left of point A. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric.
Cross over the AB line and insert the needle to the right and a little up from point B at point D. Bring the needle under the fabric and emerge at point E with is to the left and a little up from B. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric.
Insert the needle at point F which is to the right and a little down from point A and draw the thread through the fabric.
This patterning stitch can also form shapes too like this wreath above made with the Ermine Stitch. It's a charming stitch for all your charming uses.


Sherrie S. said...

I love this cute little stitch! And I like the idea of dancing starry stitches in the sky! Thread-u-cation Thursday is my favorite day.

Sewconsult said...

They would make good little snowflakes, too. The only time I could see a constellation was at the planetarium when they would flash them in your face. I am not too good at abstract patterns (as in games, etc).
Love the lessons on stitches, also.

Diane J. Evans said...

Just like stars! They're wonderful!


Carol said...

I've used this stitch before but had sort of forgotten about it would look great done in your dyed threads. Thank you for the reminder. Hope to see you at the Minnesota Quilters show in St. Cloud!