Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Chain Stitch

Thread-u-cation Thursdays: Chain Stitch
If you want to draw a really thick line on your quilt top with thread, the fastest way is to use the Chain Stitch. This linked stitch starts out like the Lazy Daisy stitch but attaches to the previous stitch to form a line or chain of stitches. Here you see the Chain Stitch forming bulky cumulus clouds above the tree tops on a stormy day.
Here's how I make my Chain Stitch: Bring the thread up at point A and re-insert the tip of the needle into the fabric at that same point A. Slide the needle under the fabric about 1/4" up from point A to point B. Slip the thread coming out of A under the tip of the needle and draw the needle and thread through the fabric to form a loop.

Point B now becomes point A. Repeat the above directions creating a chain of stitches. If you look closely you'll see a line etched on to the fabric with the tip of the needle. I use the line to guide the placement of the stitches.

After you do a lot of Chain Stitches you can become a member of the Chain Gang. This is a group of embroiderers who are doing time for letting their knots show on the back of their work.


Karen Newman Fridy said...

Love your Threaducation Thursdays! Great info...thanks for generously sharing and beautifully illustrating your techniques! I haven't done a lot of embriodery work in years, so it's nice to have reminders of all these great ways to embellish

sada said...
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Jeanne said...

I love your humor! I have a hard time getting the needle through a fused piece - I know I'm a 150 lb weakling, but could it also be the needle I'm using? What, oh Queen of Fusing, do you suggest?