Monday, July 05, 2010

Class at the National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY
I shall return! To Paducah, KY that is. The National Quilt Museum has invited me to teach a 3 day version of my class, Fusing Fun: Fast Fearless Art Quilts this September 23 - 25.  Its a great opportunity to visit the city, the quilt museum, and the local artisan shops without the crowd and hub-bub of quilt week. I am so looking forward to the prospect of fall in Kentucky as well. 

In the class, expect to make lots of art quilts. Learn fusing tips like free-cutting, collage building, bias fusing and more. And plan for some hand embroidery on the quilt tops too. The object of this class is to develop your own art quilt style and to create original work. So please join me! All the information is on the National Quilt Museum web site. See you there!


margaret said...

I just signed up! Have been wanting to take one of your classes forever and I can't wait!

Jackie said...

Hi Laura;

I posted last thurs re: your Thread-u-cation lesson, how helpful I found it and wanted to share with you that it gave me the confidence to try those techniques. I did them on small felted samples, as I thought that would be a good starting point and posted them on my blog. The embroidery is going to take lots of practice, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.


็Ž‹ๅไป said...
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judy coates perez said...

What a fun class that will be!