Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stitch after Fusing Finished!
Congratulations to Nancy, one of my students who recently finished her lovely quilt above in my Stitch after Fusing class. Note the Pistil Stitch on the tulips and the wrapped binding to finish it with curvy edges. Love that vase!

Here's another Stitch after Fusing quilt by Terri of Minnesota (the best classroom helper ever)! She amazed herself by actually finishing a project she started in class. And then she went on to make 2 more small art quilts. 
Thank you Nancy and Terri. I love seeing what my students do!
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WoolenSails said...

Beautiful pieces and designs. I got the wash away in the package and it is thicker, but easy to sew through.


Anonymous said...
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Margy said...

Thnaks for a great inspiartional weekend in Stuart and for sharing my birthday. Wow! What a weekend.

Your "friend"