Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursdays: T-Stitch

There is probably a proper name for this stitch but I'm calling it the T-Stitch. Simple to do and perfect for indicating veins on leaves, I've used it on this pineapple top. (Looks a little like a bad hair day on a Muppet.) Pineapple is from my new pattern series called Folk Art Fusing.
Here's how I make my T-Stitches: Bring the needle and thread up at point A and re-insert the needle into the fabric at point B which is about 1/4" up from point A. Now bring the needle and thread up at point C, about 1/4" to the left of point B.  Reinsert the needle at point B and scoot the needle under the fabric to point D, 1/4" to the right of B.
Draw the needle and thread through point D and re-insert the needle back into point B. When you draw the thread through the fabric you have a T!  These T's are also perfect to indicated cobbles on cobblestone street like that in House on the Road also a new pattern.


Brenda said...

Hi: I've been enjoying your threaducation posts -- I'm looking for instructions on the Mennonite tack. I thought I saw it here awhile back. can you find that post for me? thanks.

WoolenSails said...

Great stitch for adding embellishments to pieces.
I have a book, but they give you the stitch and you are supposed to figure out how you get from point A to point D, lol.


T said...

I love these posts. Your quilts are so interesting and fun. Sometime soon I'll get some of your fabric and play with quilting it.


Gayle from MI said...

These are so great. I like to konw how to use the stitches as well as how to make them. I passed your site along to my art group and they all love it!

Diane J. Evans said...

Love those leaves! "It isn't easy being green . . ." -- your tutorials, however, are wonderfully easy to understand -- thanks!


Greenmare said...

please do a thread u cation book Laura! I try to keep up with blogs and remember to go look at your previous ones, but an entire book would be wonderful!!