Monday, September 20, 2010

Empty Spools Retreat in Asilomar

Please join me early next April at the beautiful Asilomar seaside resort for the Empty Spools retreat. I'm teaching a week long class called Translating Ideas into Fabric. I so look forward to being in this peaceful setting, getting to know the students in my class, and seeing their art work blossom. Here's a brief description of the workshop:

Like a journal or photo album, quilts illustrate the stories of our lives. Capture the essence of your story and transform it into a fused art quilt. Learn to convert a sketch, photo, image, motif, or even a vague idea into the fabric shapes that create your composition. Begin by making a custom pattern using a digital camera, computer, and projector provided by Laura. Next create a quick thumbnail version of the design to explore color, contrast, and compositional options. Then enlarge the pattern and make a full sized version of your concept. Our fast construction methods for creating this personal art work is fusing and a quick pattern transfer method that lets you freely create your ideas in cloth.

Hope you can join me!


Gayle from MI said...

What great fun that would be! I am saving my money to go to Houston in 2011 because it is on my bucket list. This sounds better though actually.

Laura Wasilowski said...

You should come join me! It is a really beautiful location, so peaceful. And the creative energy there really inspires me. Plus the food is great!

Diane J. Evans said...

Oooh, tell us more about the piece that's pictured in this post. Is it one of your latest? I love it!


geni said...

Wonderful piece in the picture; it has also great texture on the background fabric