Monday, September 13, 2010

Quilting with Wine

Two sisters, Lisa and Nancy, recently got together and finished my pattern kits they picked up in Payzon, AZ during the Quilters' Roundup symposium last Fall. They soon discovered that the kits were missing 1 My apologies. In the future I shall try to include wine with each kit purchased.

But I should point out that Kathy, who was in my Stitch after Fusing class in Minnesota this June, was able to complete her quilt stone cold sober. She does admit that instead of doing hand embroidery, she used several colors of narrow fusible ribbon to outline the shapes and added Swarovski crystals. What a great idea Kathy! This is what a clear head can achieve.


Diane J. Evans said...

Ahhh, but a little wine often adds to the creativity -- at least, in my case, it helps me ignore all the mistakes I've made.

You bring out the creativity in all of us, Laura.


WoolenSails said...

Beautiful piece. Maybe that is my problem, I am allergic to alcohol and need to loosen up;)


donna said...

What a great idea! Wine and a quilt kit in one purchase! Where do I place my order?? Love your blog!