Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Whipped Running Stitch

The Whipped Running Stitch provides a decorative line on fabric and has a rope-like twisted pattern. It may look complicated but this twisted stitch is very, very easy. Made with 2 threads (I've used a Sunflowers Size 8 and a True Blues Size 12 for the whipping above), the change in scale of the threads still gives it a solid linear look.

Here's how I make my Whipped Running Stitches: Stitch a Running Stitch with the heavier thread (Size 8) to create a line on the fabric. When you've made it the length you want, bring the needle and thread to the back of the quilt, knot it, and snip. Now take the second thread (Size 12) and bring the needle up at point A which is the same spot as where the Size 8 thread began. Slip the needle under the right side of the first Running Stitch, making sure to NOT pick up any fabric, and draw the needle and thread under the stitch.
Next, slip the needle under the right side of the second Running Stitch at point B and draw the thread under that stitch to wrap or whip around the Size 8 thread. Continue to carry the thread under and around each Running Stitch across the fabric whipping them into place.
When you come to the end of the Running Stitches, insert the needle into the end of the last Running Stitch at point C. Pull the thread through to the back and knot it. The Whipped Running Stitch may be twisted, but its perfect for drawing a decorative line on the fabric.


Gene Black said...

That is amazingly easy. Who would ever guess that such a great look is EASY to do?

geni said...

Thank you for again such a clear tutorial!

Darlee Byron said...

Fabulous! Love the look these two stitches create running together. And, so easy to make!

Barbara said...

I love this stitch. If you use the other end of the needle to slide under your stitch, the risk of catching the point of the needle on fabric is gone.

:Diane said...

Saw this the first time when I was in high school - ancient history. Print fabric, hemmed with a running stitch in one color and a second color from the print for the decorative part. My best friend had done it on a set of napkins for her hope chest. See I told you - ancient history.

WoolenSails said...

I love the stitches you show, they are things that I would use in my pieces and it helps me to learn more stitches to use for embellishments. I got to see you on tv, what a fun show and loved seeing the projects.