Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursdays: A Palette of Threads

When I begin a new stitch project, I lay out my threads on the quilt and think of the color palette of threads I need. My first color choices are always colors complimentary to the fabric shapes. Stitches will show up better if the thread colors are in complimentary colors and I'm all about being complimentary!

Since I dye all the threads I use, I usually go to my inventory and select colors to fill up my Ring-o-Thread as seen above. This palette of thread is usually in size 8 or 12 pearl cotton thread. But if you look closely at the skeins in the left of the image, you'll see I also have access to size 5 and 3 if I need them. It's good to be a dyer.

Once I pick out the thread colors and sizes, I open the skein of thread and snip through the entire loop of thread right at the label. Then I take the center of the thread strands and loop it over a metal ring. I can easy draw out a single thread from the skein by pulling it out just at the center of the loop around the metal ring. The thread is the right length and I have my entire palette ready. This is how I store my color palette for stitching. What do you do?


Judy B said...

Up to the metal ring, i have done exactly the same as you. Now I am going to look for some rings!
Thank you!

Judy B

Sara Deever said...

I have been using a metal ring for my threads for nearly 30 years-measuring the right length off my larger units of crochet cotton - a favorite of mine for stitching -before I discovered your wonderful pearl cotton. Now I can put two rings of thread into my stitching box-one shiny and variegated, the other matte and plain color. (I also have bobbins of other threads on a large notebook ring. I love lots of variety when I stitch.