Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursdays: Stitch Placement

Since January, I've tried to present weekly information and directions regarding basic embroidery stitches for fused art quilts. But in the process of showing you how to make the stitches, I forget how difficult it is to choose the stitches. Some stitch choices are easy, they help define shapes like adding Pistil Stitches to a flower (above).
 Other stitch choices are for a purely decorative end. These stitches add another motif and pattern to a fabric shape this silk piece I'm working on (above). These Cross Stitches, Buttonhole Stitches, French Knots, Straight Stitches, and Outline Stitches are there to enhance the fabric shapes, to decorate them.
And there are times when stitching actually makes the shape, like this mound of Seed Stitches and French Knots that make up the ground for the flowers. Having the skill to make the stitch is one thing. But making stitch placement decisions is another skill. This is something I struggle with every time I pick up the needle. So before I stitch I think of what I want to accomplish. Do I want to define a fabric shape by adding stitches that tell the viewer what the shape is? Do I want to decorate the fabric shape by adding stitches that add motif and energy to the piece? Or do I want to build a shape from stitching alone.
There is one other option: I just want to have fun!

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Greenmare said...

seriously, I'm glad you said you struggle with deciding on the stitches sometimes. Everything you make looks so free and effortless to me! I don't mean effortless as in not difficult, I just mean so flamboyant and whimsical and free!