Thursday, October 07, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: New from Old

There is a stack of old quilts in my cupboards. You can call them "studies" if you like but I call them dull! So to spice up a few pieces, I have given them a make-over with hand embroidery stitches.
Here's a detail of our optimistic bird with the addition of the Outline Stitch, Running Stitch, and a few Straight Stitches to lift him off the fabric plane. Add a few Straight Stitches across the vine and Running Stitches to the watermelon and suddenly the quilt pops to life!
This detail of another quilt shows how I follow the paths formed by the free-motion machine stitches on an old quilt. Filling those paths with your basic embroidery stitches transforms and revives the surface. There is something about hand embroidery that adds an extra level of texture, color, and pattern to the surface of fabric art. Try a stitch today!


Judy Warner said...

Great idea, Laura. Thanks for sharing.

Diane N said...

I look forward to each Thursday's "Thread-u-cation" lessons. I think it would be great if you put it all together in a book someday so it was all close at hand.

I like doing hand embroidery and this series has taught me so much, not just in how to make the stitches but how to make best use of them, so thank you.

Melissa said...

I love so much looking at your lovely work! My carpal tunnel precludes me from doing much hand work, so I enjoy yours vicariously! I can't believe the difference a few (well quite a few) stitches made in that piece!

WoolenSails said...

It is amazing how much the stitching changes things and turns a flat piece, into a work of art. I really need to practice small pieces and stitches, so I can embellish mine, more.


Stephanie Forsyth said...

Laura, that is AWESOME! It's amazing how much of a difference that stitching makes..might have to apply the same theory to some of my older pieces! Thanks!