Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free E-Book from Quilting Arts

You have to check out the free E-books from Quilting Arts Magazine available on their web site. I can't believe they just give this stuff away!  You'll find my article complete with images called Transforming a Quilt with Hand Stitching in their E-book, 4 Fine Sewing Techniques from Quilting Arts: Sewing Ideas to Expand your Stitchery and Sewing Machine Techniques for Quilting. 

I bet you'll enjoy the other articles by Terry White, Carol Redlich, and Jacki Cardy too. You can download the PDF and print it out or read it on the screen. Another great way to keep us all up to date on the wonderful world of quilting!


WoolenSails said...

I love their free ebooks. Not sure if I had that one, do downloaded it, so I can read it later.


Sojourner Design said...

I LOVED your article! I agree, it's amazing that those four articles sere free.