Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thread-u-cation Thursday: Tulip Stitch

It's that time of year; time to plant tulip bulbs in the garden. But for those of us without a bulb to our name, there is always the Tulip Stitch. Here we have this cute little stitch creating a border of flowers lining the driveway to your home. Akin to the Lazy Daisy stitch, the Tulip Stitch, creates a looped shape perfect for decorating edges without getting dirt under your fingernails.

Here's how I make my Tulip Stitches: bring the needle and thread up at point A and reinsert the needle just next to point A. Now bring the needle up at point B which is about 1/4" down from A. Make sure the thread is looped under the needle. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric at B. Keep the loop plump.
Insert the needle on the other side of the plump loop of thread at point C (about 1/16" below point B). Exit the fabric at point D. Point D is to the left and angled up from C about 1/4". Draw the needle and thread through the fabric at D.
 Slip the needle under the thread loop created by the B-C stitch and pull the thread through the loop.
Now insert the needle at point E which is even with D and about 1/4" from point C. Draw the needle and thread through the fabric at E. Repeat your Tulip Stitches and make row after row of Spring blooms.

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WoolenSails said...

Another wonderful stitch to add to our creations.