Monday, December 13, 2010

Fanciful Stitches Give Away Coming Up!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another preview of a project from my new book, Fanciful Stitches: Colorful Quilts. As you may know, I have Sweeping Powers at Artfabrik. So I will again give away a Fist Full of Thread! to some lucky reader leaving a comment on this blog tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let us all gather together and join in singing that holiday stitch song, Joy to the Stitcher (sung to the tune of  Joy to the World).
Joy to the Stitcher,
Your thread is here,
And needle with long eye!
Embellish all your quiiiilts,
With glee up to the hiiiiilt,
Embroidery is fun!
Embroidery is fun!
Embrooooooooidery is fuuuuuuun!

See you tomorrow!


Pkaplan said...

Wow!!! amother chance to win beautiful threads, You are simply the best!

Kit Lang said...

:) I actually sang along to that song! (Thanks for a chance to win!)

Katura said...

Symbolical picture! Broom sweeping the house before the new year.

PuebloMom said...

Kit...I had to sing along with it too. lol The song was so great. I just just recently learned some embroidery and have fallen in love with it.

EKRLM said...

There once was a girl named Laura.
Whose fist full of threads we adora.
When she did blog
We were all agog.
With the hope of winning threaddora!

Ok, ok.. a little artistic license taken with the rhymes. :-) But it was fun to think them up.

- Ellen in MD

Pam said...

Catchy little tune with new words that now I can't get out of my head! I love Ellen in MD's poem, too! Fun!

WoolenSails said...

A wonderful piece and inspiration to get me going.
A friend gave me a gift certificate for halcyon and I was thinking I could get some thinner yarns to use in stitching and couching, any suggestions what would be good ones to get?


Karen said...

Looking forward to seeing this book!!!

Michigoose said...

Now if only I could master using a thimble with thicker threads...Sometimes all that pushing and pulling makes my hands sore, and I'm not that old! Any tips?

judy coates perez said...

I think you need to add an audio component to your blog, so we can push a button and hear you sing these little ditties ;)