Saturday, January 01, 2011

Formerly Artistic

My resolution for this year is to transfer my artistic self to new ownership. This way maybe I can get something done. And so, I now hereby state this resolution for 2011: Make Art Everyday! Even if it means artfully rearranging the mash potatoes on my plate, I shall create something new on a daily basis. Do you have a resolution regarding art or potatoes? Let me know. I'd love to hear it.
Happy New Year!


Laura said...

Best wishes to you too, Laura.
What a good resolution for the new year!

Laura said...

Sorry, I forgot to write my resolution!
More walking outside and less surfing the web is my, but I know from now that it will be only theory!

Liesbeth Wessels said...

Happy New Year, and I shall visit your blog every times you are writing on it. I also should walk more and I shall try tomorrow. greetings from liesbeth

Karen said...

I am most creative in the early morning hours, but sometimes (alot of times) the computer sucks up my time. My resolution (and i shall buy a timer today): 30 minutes ONLY then its off to create! I can fool around on the computer in the afternoon when I'm not nearly as creative. OOps...gotta go...17 minutes left ;)

Happy New Year!

Judy Warner said...

Happy New Year! I resolve to take the time to sketch at least five times a week.

FabricandFlowers said...

Great resolution. Mine is to do what I love each day...even if I can only do it for a few minutes.

MariƩ said...

Hi Laura
I thought it is only our would be artist that struggle with this. I read Lesley Riley's blog and 23 suggestions to make time for art in your life every day./

taiqi said...

It is amazing how some things get in the way of doing art--like LIFE! I think I can artfully do something every day--didn't think of mashed potatoes--but--Hmmmm! Food for thought--just a little levity!!
Janet Wright, Friday Harbor

Scrapperjude said...

A happy New Year to you Laura. I like your resolution. I just finished writing my down and the one pertaining to my art is to finish all my unfinished projects which includes the quilt I started in your class this September at the Pennsylvania Quilt Show at Oaks, Pa. See you at the NJ show in March. I am signed up for one of your classes.

Nicki Lee said...

Great resolution! I too have decided that no matter what happens in the day I must make time to do something creative. My resolutoin is to learn at least one new creative technique a month and apply it.

BTW - I can't wait until your new book comes out!!!

Diane J. Evans said...

Fiber artist Ruth Olsen and I made a pact at the end of 2010 -- we call it, "An hour a day of creative play." I'm making it my resolution for this year -- never thought about doing it with mashed potatoes, though . . . you've given me lots to chew on (ouch).

Thanks for always sharing your creativity with all of us.


Casey said...

My new years more mash hell with the carbs!!!

Just found your blog and am looking forward to visiting it more.

It's cold and cloudy here in Bellingham, WA

Sewconsult said...

I, too, have made the resolution to be more creative. The past couple of years have been hard and my creative blood has come to a crippling stop. I miss my "blood-letting-cathartic " projects. Family issues are easing a bit, so I hope to dig out my sewing room and be renewed. Thanks for the colorful world that you share with us.
Beckie in Brentwood, TN

Rambling Dandelions said...

WOW! What a sign!

I have never been to your blog before and I cannot tell you how happy I am that I came!!

Vibrant, accessible, joyous, whimsical, YUM -- just a treat. Your blog will be my little indulgence.

Art -- of course do more.
Potatoes -- of course eat less.
Art and Potatoes: find a way to incorporate one into the other? Like make potato art or make artistic potatoes? Hmmmmmm......ideas are forming!

Kathie F in NC

Julie Schlueter said...

You continually amaze me.

anna said...

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