Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it just me or is this boat rocking?
Last week I returned from a teaching cruise to the Caribbean. There is something about the warm breeze off the ocean and a slowly rocking boat that made it impossible for me to concentrate on anything but how to get to the dining hall. Late in the cruise I did manage to teach 2 classes to a great group of quilters. And I look forward to next February's cruise to Hawaii. Maybe by then I'll have my land legs back.


Gene Black said...

Ha ha... too funny Laura. I think all the halllways on a cruise ship lead to the dining areas, how is that?

upstateLisa said...

Hi Laura, I had a great time in your class! Trying to find time to finish my house quilt!
Lisa in upstate NY

WoolenSails said...

I remember those days, it is hard to get used to walking on dry land, lol. My dad was a captain on a few boats, so spent a lot of time on the water.

I got my package and love the threads!
I also got two good stitch books with photos, so I can find some fun new stitches to try and a piece to work them on. Thank you so much for the giveaway.


Frannie said...

Sounds like a boat load of fun to me! What fun.

The one and only cruise I was on I didn't get sea sick until after I got it that?

Glenny said...

Lovely pic looking gorgeous


judy coates perez said...

a cruise to the Caribbean sounds like heaven on this snowy day!

janet said...

Laura enjoyed our time on the cruise learning wonderful ways to fuse. Again a joy to have seen you at the NJ Quilt Show so soon after the cruise to the Caribbean.