Monday, March 14, 2011

At Least this Guest Artist Isn't Scary!

My guest artist this week is Teddi, who recently attended my Four Little Landscapes Workshop in New Jersey. Here is a process slide of her quilt she began in class (she'll be adding more details with hand stitching soon). Isn't the pairing of the dotty batik fabric with the hand dyed fabrics perfect?

In this class, students begin by free-cutting small motifs like triangle, squares, jelly beans, or what ever their little heart desires. After loosening up, they then make small landscapes for the center of a 9" block. Some choose a theme like Teddi's lovely house vignettes above. One student, in a previous class, made a series of blocks depicting the scary demise of a chicken. (Well, it's not like he didn't see it coming!)


WoolenSails said...

What a fun piece, I like the idea of free hand cutting and building an art piece.


Greenmare said...

oh I would like to see this scary chicken quilt......